Monday, September 29, 2008

FEARLESS - Jazmine Sullivan Album Review

Finally! I haven’t done a week-in-review album review in a minute and what I’m about to talk about is like the dopest LP I’ve heard in a long, long, long time. Jazmine Sullivan’s debut album FEARLESS is insane. Released last Tuesday, September 23, 2008, I like to refer to it as a woman’s audible journal. Besides the girl having a Kim Burrell kind of flavor (gospel artist), she draws solely on personal experience. It’s not a superficial album that appeals mainly to club mixes and cloud nine love effects that most artists – especially new artists – gravitate towards when trying to appeal to and build a new audience. Nah, homegirl talks about it all. Even though the content is heavy at times, it’s still something that’s a pleasure to listen to. She doesn’t rest on a groove so you have no choice but to listen to the lyrics. The music is “off” and unexpected and the lyrics are genius. Of course, we all know, NEED U BAD, which was built around a reggae vibe but the second single released just recently is BUST YOUR WINDOWS, the opening track of the album. It’s a dramatic illustration of a woman scorned. The track is laced with the sounds of a score from a major motion picture. I’m tellin’ you, I wrote a chapter off the top of my head just from hearing the song once. I’ve since listened to it over and over and over again. Talk about needed inspiration. Jazmine took the high road and decided to illustrate with words while allowing her voice to carry a crazy melody. Between riffs you inevitably recount the things that have happened to you in your life as it pertains to relationships. I may have never busted a dudes windows but damn if I wasn’t talked out of it by my girls! LOL!!!! Some of the other tracks that will keep you listening: MY FOOLISH HEART, LIONS, TIGERS & BEARS, ONE NIGHT STAND, IN LOVE WITH ANOTHER MAN, and my new favorite track (today at least) LIVE A LIE. The chorus says it all . . . “If a lie gon’ get me through, I’d rather not know the truth. If the truth gon’ make me cry, I’d rather just live a lie.” Ugh! And to think, I was skeptical because I just thought this was gonna be one of those dope first singles that left little for the consumer to enjoy once the album was finally released. Not this time. Jazmine Sullivan did her thing! If you don’t have it . . . go cop it! I’m a sucker for a good quote and she did that too. There are a few that I can’t seem to get out of my head.

“Why do we love love when love seems to hate us?” From the track LIONS, TIGERS & BEARS

“We ain’t human without fear.” From the track FEAR

"I'm scared of love 'cause I'm scared he'll leave." From the track FEAR

So if you’ve got any feedback on this newbie, hit me up!

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Racquel said...

Yo, the LP is krazee! Usually you don't hear a person come out on a freshman release sounding seasoned. This chic is a star for real. Being a musician and lyricist myself, I quickly told my sister, she's got the church sound,and she rights from the heart of the matter, a lot of Kim Burrell appeal to her voice. I like her most because she is not the same as everyone else. Her style is unique. There will never be another Jill, India, even Alicia. There will be other Beyonce's, and Rhiana's. Like Jill, India, and Alicia.....Jazmine Sullivan is in a class all alone. You gotta get it!