Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Yesterday > TODAY > Tomorrow

I had an enlightening conversation with my cousin/friend last night. We always seem to have these deeply philosophical exchanges. I was talking to him about how my life was beginning to unfold and the changes that were about to occur, things that I was planning to do, yadda, yadda, yadda and as our discourse neared it's end, he said something that immediately made me think of the post that I'm about to - you guessed it - repost!

He said, (and I'm paraphrasing) "There is no tomorrow. Why? Because yesterday is gone, today is now, and what would be tomorrow will soon be today."

I thought it was pretty freakin' deep. So, what you're about to read was posted close to a year ago. The title of said post is pretty self-explanatory and what I like to call simply profound (simple philosphy that makes you think). So enjoy. I shall return.

Originally posted: April 3, 2008

We hear people say all the time, "I’m living in the moment" or "I fly by the seat of my pants" or "I’m not a planner". But what they (or we) don’t understand is that your today is in direct correlation to your tomorrow. What happens today is a format or blueprint for what’s to come. Now, that’s not to put TODAY in a box. I’m speaking figuratively. Today you may misstep, make a wrong turn, or say the "wrong" thing. Lessons learned and those lessons are the formulas that we apply to tomorrows blue print.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Finally... Something New

I haven't forgotten about you all but I'm reposting as inspiration strikes and bites me right un de.... Sorry that's my bad interpretation of an Island accent but I digress. Nah, I was sitting at my desk today thinking about the very first post that I did on this site. I remember the day like it was yesterday. I'd gone through a great deal my final year in college and I was sitting in one of the computer labs, McNair if I'm not mistaken, a few days before I packed up and moved back to Raleigh. I remember thinking that leaving the city that I'd grown up in (literally) would cause me to start fresh and so out of that I wrote what you're about to read. I doubt any of you have gone back so far to see these ancient posts so to make it easier on you, well, I'm reposting it. Duh! Why am I reposting this? Well, seeing as how I still remember the state of emotionalism I was in when I wrote this and the differences in Ashley as of late, I thought this was more than appropriate. When I went back and read it I kind of laughed to myself. Mainly because when I originally set out to express myself through said post I wasn't really searching for anything new. I just wrote it because it sounded good. LOL!!!! But life has taken some twists and turns that I'm so thankful to God for. For me it's kind of like picking up an old diary and reading entries from years ago and what you're about to read is almost two years old. Wow! I feel like I've aged but in a good way. So, with all that said, give a listen.... Love you guys and I'll be back!

Something New
Originally posted: July 27, 2007

It's interesting how bad life situations have a tendency to infect our judgement and in turn breed cynicism. We find ourselves on the perimeter of something that we once thought should and could be a wonderful experience. Doubtful and defeated, we truck on wondering if that "thing" could ever happen to us and in the right way. When you cry because you love them, not because they hurt you. When you spend the night alone but aren't lonely. And when missed calls will eventually be returned without question. I'm finding myself in this place. A little cynical while at the same time being hopeful that one day . . . that "thing" will be real for me.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

She's back!

Good morning all! I've been asked a few times recently what's been going on with the blog. I always give the same answer..."I've been consumed with my babies (i.e. my manuscripts) and haven't had the time to focus on running off at the mouth about whatever comes to mind." (smiling to myself) But these days things are slightly different. I'm in a different place. I've learned a lot. I've grown a lot, and I'm ready to get my cute feet wet again. So, to get the ball rolling I'm going to repost some older posts that you all may not have had the pleasure of reading and by the time we're all caught up... we should have some incredible conversations and topic ideas. I want to take this time to welcome new readers. WELCOME!!!! Just so you know, we're a talkative bunch! (another smile) So here's to good discussions. The kind we're used to having. Damn, I've missed you guys. I'm gonna do better. I promise. So, here goes. Today's topic was last posted close to a year ago. April 3, 2008. I chose this one because I had a conversation with my sister last night and this post popped in my head while were texting back and forth. So, give a listen, leave a comment if you want, and I'll be back tomorrow. YAY! Sheeeeeeeee's baaaaaaaaaack! Love you guys!

Going GREEN Goes Personal:
Originally posted: 4/3/08

So there’s this movement that is sweeping the planet. Everyone seems to be going green. This phenomenon is for all of those tree huggin’ environmentalists (I try my best) that want to do their best to slow the effects of Global Warming. Me, being the overly analytical thinker that I am, decided to look a little deeper into the GREEN MACHINE that is today’s society. I began to think . . . if only people went green in their personal lives, oh what a difference it would make. Some call it green living, others may refer to it as eco-friendly, my personal favorite is compassionate living. The whole purpose of the movement is to eliminate toxicity and live a more earth friendly life. But what people – myself included – fail to do is to do the same house cleaning with their personal lives. Reducing the use or tolerance of toxic friends and romantic relationships is even more bio-friendly, if you will. I’m just as earth conscious as the next person but what happened to being self-conscious? Something that was made to be looked upon as being negative and a non-necessity is, in fact, imperative. Being self-conscious about our surroundings (i.e. social circles), how these circles permeate and influence our lives is necessary to our happiness, well-being, and most of all, our sanity. If the influence isn’t positive, don’t you think it’s time to GO GREEN and take yourself through a social detox?