Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 11 - Need I say more?

Take a look at today’s date and remember where you were seven years ago today. Remember how our country was affected and how it changed for some better but mostly for WORSE. We need change in this country and we haven’t gotten the change that we needed in this eight year period of national demise. Gas prices, unemployment, record-breaking home foreclosure (in two income households). The McCain-Palin camp seems to me to be a reincarnation of the Bush-Cheney camp . . . . so not cool. Right now all we have to go on is HOPE and PROGRESS and I personally don’t believe that we have that in the Republican party. This may seem a little over-emotional but our country is desperate for change. If you’re not registered to vote, I won’t beat you up over the head about it but we have the keys to make a change. Most of my readers are African American and what I'm about to say isn't even about OBAMA. Our suffrage was fought for by OUR forefathers. People that didn't even know us. Nixing it off is a HUGE slap in the face! You have less than 55 days to get your act together! Yes, I know this was a bit scatter-brained but I’m just really emotional today and we need to keep in mind that this is one of the most historic elections . . . . EVER! Peace out!


lovinthisjourney said...

So I read the blog to my class today. Our journal entry was also about the memorial of the tragedy of 9/11. Most of my children were in kindergarten when this event occured. It took reading this blog, and discussing the severity of the event to actually bring relevance and a connection. They had no idea how many things are affected by that one event. It brought about an AMAZING discussion in my class. Their eyes got glassy and they instantly felt the reality of the day.
I have never heard such thoughtful and intelligent conversation come out of this group.Our coversation hit everything mentioned in this blog today.And now more than ever, even my kids are asking for change.
So thanks A- thanks for bringing the reality check to us all.

Racquel said...

Aaaaace das whas up! fuhsho! OMG! good blog baby. ain't never lied. The events of this country alone lets us know just how in need we are of that one small word. Isn't it funny how people hate, and even run from that word. Change is powerful, and if we can just be man and woman enough to vote, this world ain't seen nothing yet. I'm out! Rock