Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Forever and A Day

~I've searched for forever in search of my forever and now that I've found forever, forever doesn't seem long enough~ Ashley McCann

What's up, ya'll? It's almost been a year since I posted that you're about to read or re-read. I remember this weekend like it was just yesterday. I guess it helps that I've been talking about said events with my sister a lot lately. So, I guess in honor of her impending First Year of Marriage (congrats, Mox and Dave) I wanted to repost this... Enjoy!

Finding Forever
Origianlly posted: April 23, 2008

This weeks events have prompted deep thought. My sister/best-friend is getting married to the man of her dreams. I can remember not too long ago we'd sit around and day dream, fantasize, wish, and hope that we'd find the man of our dreams - or how I like to call it . . . Finding Forever. We'd dream of "when". What he'd look like, how he'd kiss, and what he'd like most about us, what he might like least about us. Naming non-existent children, trying on potential last names. Everything. Her "when" is now, this Saturday, and I couldn't be happier for her. But it doesn't stop Saturday at the altar. When the DJ plays that last song, the cake has been ravaged, and everyone goes to their respective places of rest . . . They are left to deal with each other. Forever. Still young and pretty happy with being "single", this still made me think. Forever. That's a long time. But when you're spending forever with the right person, time flies by. I guess you can say I'm in pursuit of my forever. Or shall I say, I've developed a lofty ambition to make myself a forever for someone else. That's the clincher . . .

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Racquel said...

Hey my first (almost)year has been great. My husband has been a gem, he has loved the best and worst of his new wife, and he keeps loving me better. I love him too! Lately he's been helping me through a hurtful experience of what I thought was a best friend completely turning on me right at the brink of her wedding. One thing that I have found through that is this that God is the husbandman John 15 says Jesus is the True vine and I am the branch, so they together cut things that are venemous, and crafty, and vindictive, and just not good for the branch. I want to live, and be free, and I find all of that in Jesus Christ, and in my Husband (man) David and God through Jesus Christ. Give me a scale my husband outweighs any shiesty friendship, his love is supreme. In this year, I have learned that I am to love hard, and small things are obsolete. My bestfriend is David M. Williams, and my two sisters, and my mother and she acts right.........ugh! This has been a trying year, but my husband has been a joy to go through with. Thanks for the opportunity .