Friday, July 25, 2008

Black In America: The Black Man

Anyone that knows me knows that I’ve grown to adore Black men. There’s nothing like them! I’m proud to be a Black woman but let’s face it . . . we’re nothing without our brothas. Even though we share the same skin (in a myriad of hues) we’ll never understand (as Black women and white Americans) what being a Black man is really like. They bear much of the brunt of our struggle. In last night’s installment of BLACK : IN AMERICA: The Black Man, we were given an inside look at the plight of Black men in America - the land where freedom rings, so to speak. But how free are we? How free are they – our Black men? I’ve done what I did yesterday and listed a few of the segments covered in Soledad O’Brien’s documentary on CNN. You can comment on as many of them as you like and I honestly don’t believe you have to have seen the airing to be able to comment. Let me just say that on top of the love that I already have for them, I’ve developed a concrete and unmovable appreciation for the men that . . . hold us down. There’s nothing like a Black man.

The affect of single parent (fatherless) homes on Black men . . .

Two Americas (for Black men): The [Black] America of Opportunity and The [Black] America of Demise – How can our Black men excel in a world designed to instigate their failure?

Racist Laws (Laws conspired to hold US back) – The same laws drafted to “protect” are the same ones that keep us below the majority. Crack cocaine (the Black drug) bears more of a penalty than “powder” (cocaine in it’s purest form or the “White” drug).

Are we lazy or did we teach YOU how to work? – Black men combating the “lazy” stereotype.

Are you a “sell out” because you want to better yourself? (i.e. speaking “too white” – code switching and wanting to better yourself)

Need for family – The rise (and apparent need) for gangs among Black men.

75% Blacks compared to the 44% of whites treated harshly by law enforcement.

Prison University – The Alma Mater of majority of the minority.

Where are the Black fathers?

Black in Corporate America.

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Ashley M. said...

you know what I really don't have much to say at least not as much as yesterday. Last nights show was very disturbing to me because the racism in this country is sickening. My husband who is a hard working black man was constantly abused on his job, and he worked extremely hard. It would bother me to see how he was mistreated, always pissed to see if they could find drugs in his system, always broke his back, never let him move up the latter. A white guy who he befriended told him, "hey man the things that they tell me to do to you and the other black guys I am not going to do that, like give you extra work, give you a 10 minute lunch" and the abuse goes on and on. There were times that I would visit him for lunch and he would gulp his food down in 5 minutes because he had to get back. It's not just in corporate America it's everywhere. Last nights show was very enlightening because it should you the image of white America. Black men are set up in this country to fail, and to fall. It's sad! I believe you had someone say to you yesterday Ashley that this country was set for people to help themselves, well I saw alot of black guys last night who tried, but just never had the push to get there, as white people do. White people were born assured that they would become whatever little little Johnny, or Sally wanted to become, none of those black guys wanted to end up like they were, but it was set up for them to become thugs, and losers, hip hop want-a be's. I was crushed last night and there is really not much else I can say. I hope that I made sense. I am however, going to watch it again this Saturday night. Blessings!

~Submitted by RockWill