Thursday, July 17, 2008

Topics - July 22-25

I figured since you all are enjoying summer and all I'd give you a bit of a break for the next couple of days but we're going to pick up on Tuesday and here are the things we'll be discussing:

Tuesday July 22 - Week In Review Nas Untitled Album - Discussion based around the deeply controversial Nas album (Nigger). I'm listening to it now and let me just say . . . this is going to be a great discussion. The album was released Tuesday, July 15 go cop it, listen and listen good! Then we'll chop it up. Can't wait!

Wednesday thru Friday July 23-25 - Black in America - This will air on CNN Wednesday and Thursday of next week. We'll begin our own discussion Wednesday, watch the first airing Wednesday, discuss Thursday and so on . . . Watch it! this one is going to be a good discussion too!

So get your minds ready for some intelligent conversation. I look forward to hearing what you all have to say about next weeks issues. Be safe, be as good as you can be, have a great week and I'll holla Tuesday!


Ashley M. said...

to be loved is amazing! it is like the smell of rain at dusk, like the first snow of the winter, it is hard and not everyday is easy but there is a little something on the inside of u that lets u know that no matter how mad he makes u or vice versa the love is awesome love really not a feeling its a choice you have to choose to love that person there are woman that look prettier than me and men that everywhere but we choose to love each other YOU HAVE TO MAKE THAT EFFORT DAILY you want to see him/her happy you will definately find it girl but u gotta get rid of any interruptions...because someone could be trying to choose you but you can't see him because you may be giving to much energy to negitivity i love you girl love is on it's way....

~Submitted RockWill

Ashley M. said...

Aww hunny I feel u! Shit I feel the same way. But I look @ both our situations and say "when he comes he will love us for the women that we r." For some reason I always thought that I never got approached bc I was overweight & seemingly unattractive, but I find that was never the case! It doesn't matter if I'm a size 2,12, or 20! Guys r gonna be guys no matter what!

~Submitted by S. Todd