Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Shortie's Buggin . . .

So I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine yesterday. He’s married and enlightened me on an issue that he and his wife have been struggling with for the past few days. This past weekend the couple spent some time in Richmond with family for the holiday and his mother prepared dinner and had some friends over. One of his mother’s friends brought along their daughter (college age) and from what my friend told me she was cute. Long story short . . . his wife noticed him admiring her “cuteness” and accused him of staring, being gross and disgusting, and being aroused (to put it mildly) throughout dinner. He denied the accusations and the two haven’t said more than a few words to each other since this weekend. Before posting this I offered some insight into the world of women and told him that this just may not be about him at all. I said, and I could very well be wrong, but I said that his wife could’ve very easily felt insecure because of the presence of another woman that she knew for herself was attractive. Instead of being secure in the fact that she had a wonderful man on her arm that loved her and just happened to find another woman attractive. After saying all of that I told him that I was going to get some advice from you all and forward what you say to him. So make it good! I will say that when I’m with a guy and I notice him notice another woman it can be annoying but it isn’t enough for me to blow anything out of proportion. Not if he’s just looking. I mean I’m with him and I notice other men as well. It’s the way that we’re built. Just because we may be in a relationship that doesn’t mean that we instantly go blind with the onset of commitment. However, I think there is a difference in the way that men versus women look at the people that they find attractive. Some men have a tendency to gawk while some women have a tendency to be more subtle with their appreciation of a good looking brotha. It’s all in how we do things. So, I’ve said all of that to say or rather to ask . . . Is there a need for an apology here or is my friends wife just buggin’? Personally, I think it’s the latter but help me out guys.

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Big Jerz said...

Sorry I've been away for a few posts ! I been out here Rick Rossin like a Hebrew Slave...for the Hip Hop Deprived that means HUSTLING REALLY HARD ! Anyway, to chime in on your dude and his wife....Young'n is definitely buggin and being a little insecure and overly sensitive but my dude still needs to man up and apologize. See for a woman, if she THINKS you did something foul to her as far as her point of view goes...YOU ARE GUILTY. He needs to explain his point and his feelings but he also needs to relent and apologize. Now for real for real, tell him your Big Brother said he needs to go home, grab his wife by the back of her head, kiss her deeply and passionately. Throw her on the bed, couch or table and put his face in it until she lets go of at least 2 Love Gushers ! Then he needs to beat it like a porno star. As she folds up and goes to sleep, VERY Satisfied he needs to whisper in her ear "All That Really Matters in my whole World is you..." She'll wake up and forget why she was even made at ALL !!!! Works for me...Keep me updated on my niggas situation ! Scrolla Black-