Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fears Cure

I felt it only appropriate to do a continuation of yesterday's blog and yesterday I brought to light a struggle that we all face in our race, truck, or journey to find peace, fulfillment, and freedom in life. I discussed the misunderstanding of fear. FEAR THE FRIEND INEVITABLY MISUNDERSTOOD. My next statement might sound a bit paradoxical but I'll provide an analogy shortly. Our new friend "fear" has a foe by default. Care to take a guess as to who or what? It's courage. Yesterday I mentioned acknowledging our fears. Approaching them. That's where courage comes in. Just like any unhealthy friendship, fear equals paralysis. It keeps us from moving forward and inertia is deadly. Courage is the cure to immobility. Now for the analogy that a million analytical thinkers have pulled from - The Cowardly Lion. Even though this fictional character is a classic, I wouldn't call him a coward. I'd call him REAL (in spite of the overt nature of his fears). Eventually he balanced out the power that he gave his "friends" (fear and courage). He faked it until he got it and eventually courage became the vaccine for his paralysis. Maybe it was bitter medicine but it worked like a charm. Basic, maybe even a little juvenile, but isn't it more than applicable? Now the only way to do this is to be self-supportive. You have to be able to look within. You won't find it in other people - courage lies in YOU. The question of the day . . . which is dormant and which is alive and kicking - FEAR or COURAGE?

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