Monday, April 21, 2008

Strange Honesty

Something struck me a few days ago and I decided to use it for today's topic. A very close friend of mine and I have based our relationship on being brutally honest. No holds barred. We tell it like it is, as the saying goes and it's made our bond almost impeccable. But our method of friendship got me thinking even more . . . If only everyone applied that philosophy to all types of close or love relationships. Then I thought a little more and I asked myself this question - "Why is it that strangers have a tendency to be more honest with you than the people closest to you?" The sales woman that tells you those pleated slacks make you look just a little too hippy. The coworker that tells you you're over-bearing and too talkative, or the classmate that tells you she thinks you're distant and aloof. Why do those that don't know us at all fell freer to tell us the truth?

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Johnathan said...

I think it's easier for strangers to be "brutally honest" because they don't have to take on the responsibility of whatever pain the brutality may cause. They don't have to stick around to watch you go through changes that their comments may force you to go through i.e. losing weight for those hippy slacks or breaking down the walls of your aloofness. It's kinda like an Evangelist can come to a church and pretty much have free reign to call folks embarrassment out and speak as the corrective voice of GOD's Wrath without having to worry about Pastoring those individuals to their full healing or deliverance. A pastor on the other hand doesn't have to hide the truth or coddle the sins of his flock, it's just that he has to see the issue come through the entire healing process. I guess I say all of that to point out that it really just comes down to a responsibility thing ! Great Point Ash ! Keep it Up !