Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Society - Black Women

My initial intent was to title this blog "Truth and Lies". But then, as always, I thought and thought some more and light bulb! It hit me like a ton of bricks. Truth and lies in regard to the context that is to be introduced shortly is merely a secondary entity or issue regarding a particular society of people. Who? The society I'm referring to is The Society of Black Women or how I've come to refer to it - SBW. So truth and lies and The Society of Black Women - how do the two coincide? Well, that's simple. I can speak candidly about said society because I, myself, am a proud member. It seems to me that we [African American women] have succumb to the smoke and mirrors. The illusion that we are the weaker link (as a sub-society of America as a whole). This is the lie that is in a rigorous and tedious game of tug of war with truth. And truth has to become the deep-seated victor in this "game". Now, truth can only be powerful and triumphant when acknowledged and the TRUTH of the matter is, black women as a society are a force to be reckoned with. We're dangerous and I mean that in every positive way possible. For every video chic there is a black woman ready and willing to take a stand for class and elegance. For every high school and college drop-out there is another black woman ready and willing to implement and instill the power of knowledge and a good education. We're the half of the the "larger" of our society [the amazing African American man] that gives our men that nudge of support. That "Baby, you can do this." We are forces of nature. but it's partly ingrained and partly decided. And the latter carries the most weight. Believe the truth and not a lie. The truth - We're bad! It's more than simply rising above the influence. We have to become the influence. Taking sole responsibility of the power of our minds, regal presence and appearance, and the resilience that was birthed in us. Once again, it's a decision. It's laughable how easy it is to believe a lie and the truth is something that we have to repeat to ourselves over and over. So do that . . . I'm bad, resilient, educated, strong, beautiful, and BLACK. It's your choice.

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