Thursday, June 4, 2009

B.A.A. - Week Three

Okay... we're (or I'm) on week three of the summer book excursion. I'm on book four and I'm in awe. I've always been an Eric Jerome Dickey fan and he really did it with this one. PLEASURE released April 2008 epitomizes its title. Just a little taste... the main character is warring with her Gemini sign and is finding the war between abnormal and normal desires strangley satisfying and addictive. She finds a "pairing" for the twin sign in an ironic manner and this quenches her raging sexual energy. I'm telling you... this book is eye-opening, very sensual, and an amazing story. Not along the lines of an ADDICTED story of sexual prowess. No, this one takes it to another level. Ironically enough, it's kind of believeable in a strange way. So, if you're looking for something decadent to read by the pool this summer, pick up a copy of PLEASURE by EJD. Insane! It's lengthy but with a full-time job, packing when I get home, and eight hours of sleep I still managed to finish it in no time. Yes, it's that good.

I also received a book recommendation that I wanted to pass along to you all. If you're looking for something a little less risque and a little more inspirational, pick up a copy of THE POWER OF INTENTION by Dr. Wayne Dyer. I haven't read it yet but from what I've been told, it's a great introduction to Dr. Dyer. I'm definitely buying a copy and I'll share my points in due time. I hope all is well with you guys. It's Friday for me so have a rock out weekend and I'll catch ya on the flip!

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