Friday, May 22, 2009

B.A.A - Week One

Good morning all,

I'm not sure who is participating the B.A.A. Summer Reading Project but if you are, Friday is the day that we take to recommend books to each other. So, I'll recommend the book that I read to begin the project.

PUSH by Sapphire: A sad yet inspirational story about a teenage girl sexually abused by both her parents. This isn't an extremely long read but it is definitely heavy. I like to call it the urban version of The Color Purple(book not the movie). They're written similarly. PUSH is brilliantly written and the story carries even after you put the book down. My kind of writer! Sapphire has a style similar to Nikki G's in that she takes very simple concepts and manipulates them into metaphoric complexities that really make you think. And what's the point in reading if it doesn't make you think? So, if you're looking for a book to kick off the project (and it's never to late to join us) pick up a copy of PUSH by Sapphire. Amazing read. Who's next?

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