Wednesday, May 6, 2009

EPIPHANY: Chrisette Michele

Wow! I haven't done an album review since early Fall of last year. Trippy! Anyway... Listen, most of you know how I rely on music to do what I gotta do (i.e. write!). It's my therapy. So, I'm always up on some dopeness. And yes, the sophmore release from Chrisette Michele is insane. She came back just as strong (if not stronger) as she had two years ago with her first release, I Am. She has that Natalie Cole jazzy vibe goin' that makes her voice one that's timeless and the verbage just was era-less and flawless. So the tracks... I'm themin' the title track right now. Epiphany. Sounds positive but not so much. Well, I guess it is. She comes to the realization that if he doesn't wanna act right, "Hey, why not leave." It's now my ringtone. lol!!!! The next one I'm themin' is "What You Do" - a duet with Neyo. All I'll say is... love is an action word. Not just a feeling. Show me somethin'! lol!!!! Take it as you will. Lastly, we're rockin' "Another One." She's done and she's about to be on to... ANOTHER ONE. "Fragile" is an upbeat track with a solid message. That old school sound she's got coupled with Def Jams nasty production is immaculate. To me. You know I love to spit my opinion and this is my opinion. You need to download this or go to the store and cop it. Don't dub it!!!! Perfect timing! Great summer release... So that's it. That's all. Still listening... Enjoy it! I know I am... smooches xoxoxoxo

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Racquel said...

I concur. On top of your reviews, I'd like to add that Ne-yo produced it.....he's AWESOME in the studio, great writer and producer. He didn't write anything but he put his expertice on it.