Monday, June 9, 2008

Love Ex-Why?-Zzzzzzzz

So I decided to use this week as a love session. An open forum of sorts; discussing the exes, why’s, and zzzzz’s of love. I plan on having fun with this and use it as an interactive setting for you to post stories and ask questions. Let me take a moment to explain the “letters” of the alphabet. The exes – discussing the complexity of any past love (first love or any core-shaking, heart-wrenching love). The Why? – any love question that may have crossed your mind over the course of any short or long term “affair.” The zzzzz’s – the snoozers we hate to remember but can’t seem to forget. The boring lovers, the transitional people that took up a space on the tic-toc clock of love while what we needed and wanted was out of sight yet not out of mind. Keep in mind these transitional “lovers” always have a lesson for us to learn. Always. Open your mind and think about the daily topics and have fun with your answers or the stories that you feel comfortable enough to share. This doesn’t mean that depth is out of the question but still . . . I think with some of the topics we think too hard and don’t really listen and tap into their simplicity. They’re a lot simpler than they seem (or read). So, here goes . . . a series of love related questions and stories that we might all ask or endure when in love, while seeking love, while leaving a love(r), or just in general conversation. If you don’t get it, flow with it, or get my gist, feel free to pass but my true blog fans, I expect something out of you. So here goes . . .

Today’s “letter” - The WHY: Why is it that when in love we seem to lose ourselves? You mention the others name more than your own. They become priority over YOU. Their needs seem to be more important and their happiness becomes the remedy to your happiness. Now if you’ve never been in love (for real) then you probably can’t relate to the questions at hand. But, if in fact, love has bitten you on the ass at least once you can answer at least one of these questions. So, once again . . . here’s the question in a nutshell . . . Why is it so easy to get lost in love?


Ashley M. said...

Why is it so easy to get lost in love?........well when you are truly in love and it is reciprocated, that person loves YOU so much that he takes me on as I take him on. Let me explain, to me love and accountability/responsibility go hand in hand, before I grew to love my husband I loved myself first, I paid attention to myself, I took myself out, I looked in the mirror at myself, it mattered what I looked like in my clothes, I made sure my money was right, I loved me, and vise versa. When I met my husband and grew in love there was some sort of exchange........I became accountable and responsible to/for him because I knew I'd loved myself to the point where I could release what I'd already done to my husband he took me on and vise versa. India.Arie said it best....."I remember the very first day that I saw him, I found myself immediately intrigued by him, it's almost like I new this man from another life like maybe I was his husband maybe he was my wife"...............that is the exchange she loved him so much that it was like she was loving herself. That's how I love my husband, I'm lost in him, and I treat him how I'd want to be loved, which makes him loving me AWESOME. So as I still pay attention to myself, I now pay greater attention to him because I know he's got me, I love him deep...because I know he's picked up where I've left off in loving myself, I used to look in the mirror at myself before I left the house and change 50leven times, but now when I look into the mirror of his eyes and he says "oh I like that chocolate" that's enough for me, and when we get ready for church he says "baby what do you want me to wear" I pick it, he wears it,most people would say that we are whipped, but I choose to say that we've been bit and are filled with the venom of love....................say what you want but being lost in love is a wonderful place and I don't want to ever find my way out.

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Big Jerz said...

I think the first Blogger said it best ! It's the Reciprocal effect of being "IN LOVE". When the connection becomes a 2 way street you assume the responsibility of the other person's smile, their happiness, their purpose and their's just a supernatural exchange that I don't think anyone can quite explain ! I'm just so glad that it's a road that I've found and I've found it with one of GOD'S most special creations... She's my angel and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else but here with her until Jesus cracks the sky and takes us both back with Him. Here with Her, waiting for HIM....Now That's Life worth Living ! I just got really horny...Gotta go put the kids down for an early morning NAP so we can have some Mommy Daddy Time !!!!! Holla at the Kid Folks and oh yeah...These are just my thoughts !

True Menfese said...

I believe we get lost in love because the idea of what we think love, is (at first) is all encompassing. We allow the emotion to over take us. Love isn't an emotional feeling, as most of us know. The feeling is the result of allowing yourself to feel something for someone, and you be effected by how they feel about you ... (or so you think)

In a past relationship i found out that i allowed myself to lose myself in someone else because they exhibited what "a need of me" ... In my mind at the time I thought that if you needed me and i showed you that i could be there for you, then ... you love me ... right? WRONG, sometimes people grow on you, others get familiar, others get comfortable. Dat ain't love.

So, i learned that love is actually a decision to make, and a choice to act on. When the emotional goose bumps, and short breathing is gone. When you can actually think of life instead of your thoughts being infiltrated with visions of your new god ... when you can see yourself with or without, and being happy, joyful, and content. Then you know you have a healthy understanding of "love" Why, because with a proper understanding you will love yourself so that the other individual will have no choice but to love you... if it's real love.

In a nutshell i believe that balance is what we are all striving for. It's the key to "LIFE" love and all things included. Let's take the topic for instance, "lost in love" if you want to lose yourself, you must want to be found ... balance grasshopper :-)