Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Bone Dry

Hello bloggers! I've gotten some feedback (both good and bad) and I needed a little help from you all. Seeing as how you all read the blog, some of you take the time to respond, or even cut and paste the blogs into emails and send them to friends and coworkers, I thought that maybe you wouldn't mind letting me know what you wanted to talk about. What topics make you think? What haven't you heard anyone address? Anything that's compelling and thought provoking pertaining to LIFE is fair game for a blog topic. Shoot me a line or two and I'll write about whatever you want to talk about! Thanks guys!

1 comment:

Big Jerz said...

Anything relational, men women drama type shit ! LOL ! I loved the Get Lifted week ! That type of stuff is crack to me ! LOL