Monday, May 19, 2008

Secret Sex

There is an infamous episode that shares the same title as today’s blog. In this particular episode, Miranda is dating a guy that she will only allow in her bed but she won’t introduce him to her friends. Really? Interesting. Now, how is it that one can practice a sexual relationship with someone – they’ve seen you naked, heard every moan and groan, shared one of the most intimate parts of you – and you can’t bring them around your friends? Now this isn’t a play on people that your friends and family have, in deed, met. If they don’t bring them around you a lot well . . . that’s another topic. I’m talking about people that no one has seen – only you and the four walls of wherever it goes down. As I’ve stated in previous blogs, I have a lot of male friends and I love to be a fly on the wall and listen to how they talk about women, love, and relationships. I’ve heard a few of my male friends speak of women that they’d only “do” but wouldn’t dare bring them around “the people”, so to speak. That’s men. From a woman’s perspective, how in the world can you share such an intimate and private part of yourself with someone that you obviously don’t even care enough about to mention to the people you love, let alone bring them around? Once again, this is a top-secret lover, one you don’t mention – no one even knows they exist. What’s the deal with secret sex and why do we do it?

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Big Jerz said...

A guilty pleasure, a forbidden fruit...There are a few reasons that that kind of behavior goes down. Just think. Even from your closest cohorts you have a secret or two. To keep your people from that Secret encounter leaves you free of their judgment and opinion. Another thing is that having that secret also makes damage control much easier. Expectations can't ever be misconstrued because the simple response to the other party would be "We've never even been out in public together" ! LOL ! It's a clear cut and straight forward way to be with someone you're in connection with and have all of the control necessary to not have things blow up in your face. Plus the risk of getting found out adds points to the SEXINESS ! Purely Orgasmic ! Those aremy thoughts Friday Folks !!! HOLLA