Monday, May 5, 2008

Church vs. God

So I have a bit of an issue. It's nothing new but this is the first time that I'm well, posting it online for everyone to read. I will be the first person to admit that I have flaws, issues, hang-ups - the whole nine but when it comes to my life as it applies to church I guess I get a little confused. I don't even really think that I'm confused I think that people in church are more confused than I. I've struggled with the ubiquitous hypocrisy that I've seen in church for a while now. My main thing is how people can constantly lie to themselves and think that their relationship is with the people in the congregation and not with God. So concerned with who sees you doing what or who might find out. Talking out of both sides of your mouth and telling people what not to do and pretending that you're without sin or flaw. The quote that I'm about to use might raise hairs but it's from one of my favorite rap artists, Jay-Z. In a song on his latest AMERICAN GANGSTER Jay-Z addresses this issue in a song aptly entitled "Ignorant Shit". He repeats this phrase . . . "Let's stop the bull sh**ttin'. Til we all wit' out sin let's quit the pulpittin'." Maybe that's a paradoxical analysis but it makes sense to me. I mean really . . . who are you to judge my relationship with God? I guess I've said all that to say that confusion lies in ones unhealthy relationship with church people/members of the body and not with God himself. We all struggle and deal with things but until you can say that your life is spotless, I feel like you're out of place giving anyone any type of direction. My "beef" is only with the people in church that hold positions in the church that govern over the lives of God's people. I'm assuming people don't take into account how serious this is. Any thoughts?


True Menfese said...

This is a wonderful gut check, and the Jay Z quote is properly placed. Talib Kweli has a line that is just as potent ... "they used to ask you who's ya master, now they ask you who's ya paster, it's your allegiance that they're truly after." I am one who has tons of "church" experience. I've gone to all denominations, no denomination and found them all missing something. The absolute interpretive truth of GOD'S intent. I have converted to orthodoxy, and if you need answers ... go back to the beginning. We have church all wrong. Anyway ... keep this one going

Ashley M. said...

Finally! Thanks V for understanding, my dude! I had to address this one. It's far too prevalent not to.

Johnathan said...

Finally the old "Only God can judge Me" Blog ! Well, let me keep it short and sweet on this one Ash... Live your Life and Please your God. Who could give a Fuck about what folks around you (including your pastor) thinks ? We have children and young admirers that we need to keep our standard of Living raised for. Otherwise, Ride this bitch till the wheels fall off... God isn't intimidated by His own creations and he knows what hangs us up...He made us ! LOL !!! Be like David and learn How to Say Sorry !