Monday, May 19, 2008

Sex Like a Man Pt. 2

Now, in exploration of yesterday’s topic, I did some diggin’. I thought about what I’d asked and continued to ponder the complexity of sex from a woman’s perspective. I recalled a quote that I’d seen on a website that stated rather blatantly, “Date like a guy and you won’t get played like a bitch.” I must admit that for a little while I had this posted on one of my online pages and for a period made an attempt at dating this way. That period was precisely a moment in duration, but I digress. If, in fact, one takes on this mantra and ambitiously sets out to live their life this way – woman or man – isn’t hurt inevitable? My assumption – and frankly my distorted reasoning behind attempting this – is that people reason that adopting this dating approach will evade having their heart broken. But think about it. Dating with a man’s mentality (and I’m not talking about all men) usually comes back to bite someone on the ass and oft times the culprit is the one that comes out looking foolish. So, I’ll reiterate the question. Better still, I’ll rephrase it. While trying to apply dating like a guy to your dating strategy, isn’t devastation inevitable in the long run?


Ashley M. said...

emailed comment -

Devastation is an understatement! Yes that is sure devastation....................we as women can not escape the fact that we are indeed emotional beings............we were created that way. We were not created as men, or with their mentality. To me, I repeat to me, trying to do it like man is a woman taking on a man's attributes, which leads to bitterness, and eventually losing interest in them and in same ever hear a woman say "men got boring" or "men are over rated" their language somewhat becomes like that of a's unattractive. Call me old fashioned all you want to but somethings should stay the way God intended them to be.

Big Jerz said...

Sorry for the late entry !
I think to date carelessly is a guarantee toward Devastation. I'm just not sure that "Like a MAN" is totally sufficient in describing the kind of dating we're talking about but I get what we're saying. I submit in fact that most men who do date in this manner are attempting to cover the true fear of intimacy and commitment. Commitment speaks of RESPONSIBILITY and that is an expense many men are not willing to cover, especially if they can get the reward of that CUSH without paying the price of being responsible. So ultimately, YES it is inevitable that hearts will be broken when frivolous or careless dating is the attempt of one or both parties ! Just my thoughts...HOLLA at THE KID !