Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ordinary People

I just wanted to add one more thing to the GET LIFTED Series. This series was meant to open our eyes and look at love, life, and relationships through the eyes of the opposite sex. But at the end of the day, we’re all just ordinary people. I don’t believe that we make mistakes but we do make ill decisions that often times we don’t realize affect others – especially those we love. There's what we do and what we don't do. Both are, in fact, conscious decisions. I didn’t spend time writing these blogs and reading your comments just to sound deep. Honestly, I didn’t even do it for some of the awesome responses that I’ve gotten. I did it so that you’d remember what was said, think about it, evaluate it and then, in turn, evaluate your actions. So with that said, thanks for reading and I hope you all look forward to the next block of discussion-fueled topics. I know I am! Emwha!!!!! Peace and love all!

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Big Jerz said...

The first word in the Title of this blog is "LIFE". From the reading of it my first day I assumed that it was based on Life meaning the lived actions of an organism or the daily happenings of an individual... I had no idea that there was another meaning all together. I had no idea that reading and writing and sharing in this blog would become LIFE to me. It has become an excitable source of Energy and Wisdom that has shaped and sharpened me like iron sharpens and shapes iron. All of the perspectives and views have become such food for my own hunger and drink for my thirsts ! In other words...THIS SHIT IS HOT MY NIGGA !!!! I'm Here with my thoughts.... SO HOLLA MAMA !