Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Significant Infidelity

I decided to change topics for a while and start a series entitled GET LIFTED. The series is based off of John Legend’s first album and will deal with the main subject of the album – relationships and fidelity. Although I’m using this as my main focus, I’ll draw from many sources (i.e. movies, other albums, radio discussions, personal discussions, etc.). For today’s topic, I’ve opted to go with one of my favorite songs from the album entitled “Number One.” He opens the song with a priceless verse. “You can’t say I don’t love you just because I cheat on you. ‘Cause you can’t see all I do to keep you from knowing the things I do.” Now, I’m about to play the devil’s advocate. In a day and age where infidelity is common-place, this statement is not just hilariously true (to me) but it also raises the question of does infidelity really mean that there is lack of love in a relationship? Back in the day, men were more prone to dippin’ out on the one’s they were “committed” to. Now-a-days, women have peeped game and have learned to play it almost better than the other sex. This isn’t to discount love and relationship but if the person that you’re with does, in fact, dip out, creep, or mess around and takes the measure of keeping it from you for your benefit (and theirs as well) does that discount their love for you or does it show how much they care (for lack of a better word) to keep you from finding out and being hurt?


Ashley M. said...

Comment from a friend that emailed me a post -

I think that is a weak expression of love. Very weak! What is the reason they are cheating? Sometimes, sometimes, there is a valid reason, she stopped doing this, she stopped doing that, or vise versa......but doing it because she's gotta big big butt, or other accents that's weak.....and it's not love. A man goes to a strip club to hear women whisper in his ear "you are the man daddy" or whatever, what happens when that man's woman doesn't do that for him..............he's gonna go where he hears that, it's not always about the sex. The same applies to women. Some people just don't like to work at relationship any more. I feel it's a very weak expression of love.............if my husband goes out and sleeps with another woman I'm not going to say I know you love me because you did all you could to keep it from me....................uh nuh! I'm going to find out why....................and search myself to see why it happened.

Big Jerz said...

That's a damn good topic there Ash... umm let's see. The fact is it is man's innate desire to subdue and conquer. The first commandment given to man, even before the Ten written on Moses' tablets, was to "Be Fruitful and Multiply". So, not to "blame" it on GOD or nature but it does seem to be a reflex of most men to want more than one woman. The key to your question is more about the Psychosis of the sexes than the Physical habits and desires of them. In other words, How and Why is sex used by the genders. For the vast majority, men perceive sex as acceptance. For men, once you give that sex acceptance it means all of the BS we put you through is cool for you and it must not bother you that much because you've given the ultimate approval...That Cush ! LOL ! Now women are usually devoid of the ability to give sex without some kind of emotional attachment. That's why its said that women are better cheaters ! Women have a way of Emasculating a man to the point where he usually thinks "There's NO WAY she could be giving my pussy away". The way you ask us to hook up the cable, open a jar of Jelly, or to "Stay right there and don't move until I explode" makes us think NOBODY else in the world can hook up Cable, open jelly or Hit That Spot a! LOL !!! It's all a part of the clever cat and Mouse chase, the Hunt per se ! So having said all of that I guess my answer to your question is... It would be unfair to bring an intricate detail like love into the animalistic equation of Man + Woman = ?. So long story short, be Thankful to GOD if you find someone that makes you even desire to keep in pocket. My wife and I have been Hot Monkey Butt Sexxin for Ten years and a few weeks ago she had me like "DAMN, how does it still feel like the first time ?". They say the only thing better than Cush is NEW CUSH and somehow after a Dime in still feels like NEW CUSH ! A new Rhythm, a new position, a new perfume, a new outfit...something makes it NEW. So I wish you all great luck in finding that Old New the meantime, at least make sure the Niggas head game is tight ! LOL !!! HA ! Love you for this one Ash...You're such an Effin RockStar.

Big Jerz said...

Cheating is WRONG and we deserve fidelity...but if it happens it's more about how I feel about me and not How I feel about YOU

Ashley M. said...

Another post that was emailed to me -

It shows theyyy caree...i mean its still messed up that they cant seem
to keep their shit in one spot but the fact still remains that they
rather lose everything before their significant other were to find out
of their wrong is give and take...there are plenty of
women (like celebrity wives) who know damn well that their men aren't
faithful but that doesn't seem to change their
all over the place with my opinion's...LOL