Monday, May 19, 2008

The Chicken or the Sex

There is another Sex and the City episode that stands out in my mind. It explores the timeless conundrum, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” I’ll elaborate. In this particular episode, Carrie is in a purely sexual relationship with a guy that she wants to have a legitimate relationship with. The sex is insane but that's really all there is. He's so used to that aspect of their connection that a relationship is hardly pressing. On the flip side, her girl Samantha is in a relationship with someone that she wants to revert to a purely sexual relationship with (keep in mind, Samantha is the sexually liberated one of the bunch). So, Carrie asks the question: Which comes first, the chicken or the sex? Huh? Just listen. I want to know if it is at all possible to build a lasting relationship with someone that you know only through a physical relationship or is foundation vital to mind-blowing sex and a lasting relationship?

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Big Jerz said...

Foundation is certainly vital to a long lasting relationship ! At lest from a Man's Perspective, it's hard to have done something sexual in Nature and not always expect that in a relationship. For instance, my boy is going thru a horrible time as he's dealing with his first real adult break up. The young lady that he was admittedly "in Love" with came to him and said things were going a little too fast for her and she wanted to take a break so she could enjoy the "single" life a little while longer before she stard gad scho.I ct, the first night they met last summer (thru a mutual friend) her and her 'Girl" took my boy back to his place and gave him a menage for his Birthday ! On the first night they met ! Weeks later he was calling her his girlfriend but he never really got over the fact that they started as a Threesome One Night Stand. Even thru him feeling like they were in love, she apparently had the relationship in the "Hook-Up Zone". Foundations were Unclear so the expectations got misconstrued and now in less than a year's time he's at home calling me Heartbroken. Now there is no foundation necessary for mind blowing sex...that's purely scientific. We don't even have to know one another's name and the sex can be RETARDED !!! Love Making would be impossible, but a good Fuck or 2 is certainly achievable ! LOL !!! In that sense the SEX definitely comes before the EGG ! LOL !!! Just my thoughts My Folks ! Holla