Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Deciding Factor

Anyone that knows me well enough knows how much of a die-hard Spike Lee fan I am. One of my favorite Spike Lee films is Mo’ Better Blues released in 1990 and starring Denzel Washington, Wesley Snipes, and Spike Lee. Bleek Gilliam (Denzel Washington’s character) is torn between two women. Both of these women (Indigo and Clark) offer something that the other doesn’t and a lot of these traits are very keen and aren’t readily noticeable. This is why these relationships are so unique. He’s not just sleeping with them. He’s in two actual relationships. Both women know about each other, mind you. And they play the game “As long as you don’t say the bitches name, I’m cool.” While deep down they’re broken and just as confused as the man that they share. He cares very deeply for Clark but he’s madly in love with Indigo and this obviously scares him. He renigs on a lot of things that he’s told her – mainly how much he does love her. In the end, circumstances force him to make a decision and he chooses Indigo and they get married and have a son, Miles. For me, this storyline rings true on many different levels and I’m sure that many of my readers, both men and women, can identify with competing with someone else in a relationship. The question of the day is, if you come upon a situation where you have real feelings for two people (male or female) how do you choose?


Ashley M. said...

Emailed comment from a friend -

OOOOOOOH now I ain't touch'n that one because I've been there before and......oh well I'll say something, I honestly I thought I was going crazy, because one person gave me what I wanted, and the other person did too............neither one of them gave me what I needed. So I kinda used them both, I'm so embarrassed to say that but I did.

Big Jerz said...

First off let's play a little Homage to the man Spike Lee. He's a prophet, visionary, trendsetter, groundbreaker and pioneer of our generation. You gotta love and respect him for his courage and provocative approach to the many issues of black American's everywhere ! As Crooklyn quietly plays in the back, keeping my 10 month old occupied and quiet as I type, I'll say thanks Spike for all you Do !

Now, the issue at do you choose ? I think it comes down to a matter of going in the direction of the one that you CAN'T SEE YOURSELF LIVING WITHOUT. As much as you love and want and may even think you need both, the reality is that your greed has blinded you and if you must make a choice you could. I thiink you have to choose according to what you Need ! Can I sacrifice what Clark is bringing me because I CAN'T live without Indigo in my life or vice versa ? At the end of the day you have to realize the heart is largely a necessity functions largely on what it needs and not what it wants...I guess that's why it's said that Love is Kind. Love, The Heart, never requires as much as it gives, in fact, it's need to give is greater than it's need to receive. That's often why people get caught up in having more than oneperson that they Genuinel fel a heart connection to. It's kinda like once I have maxed out the possibility of all I could be to Indigo and she knows all of my shortcomings, let me go and give a complete different side of myself to Clark. It allows the heart expand and give more and it tends to make a man or woman feel like they are more than the shortcomings or limitations they face in one relationship or another. THis one may sound like I'm making an excuse for the Bleek Gilliam's of the world but these are just my thoughts people...HOLLA at the Kid