Tuesday, June 24, 2008

MENtality -

So I’ve said time and time again how I adore men, how I value the relationships I’ve built with them, and even how I have a tendency to think as men think. For the next four days we’re going to attempt to concentrate on the latter statement. When you approach a situation the way a man does it’s much different than the ways of the softer sex. No nonsense, no bullshit, and a seemingly emotionless approach to their reality (again, that’s seemingly; there is an emotional nature to their being EMOTIONLESS).
I love being a woman as well – I mean, let’s face it, it’s a pretty powerful thing - and many of the other posts that we’ve chopped up together have been written from woman’s perspective. But for these next couple of posts I want to deal with the ladies while advocating the side of the man. Before I go into today’s question, I want to say a few things to the ladies that read daily. We’ve all been hurt, disappointed, confused, elated, ecstatic, thrilled – all because of a man, but the more negative consequences of our dealings with men are the ones we dwell on the most. Especially after a break up. “What did I do wrong?”, “Where did we go wrong?”, “I thought he loved me.” Yeah, we’ve all said it and we all have a girlfriend that says, “Girl, he was a jerk. Forget about him.” Whether it’s applicable or not, it’s the easiest response. And honestly I believe that the jerk factor is one of the most INFREQUENT reasons for a guy wanting to leave us alone. So your girlfriend says, “Forget about him!” Unfortunately the opposite happens and that situation is all we seem to think about. Bear with me guys, I’m getting to you all in just a second. There’s a reason why we dwell on the negative and can’t seem to figure it out. I believe that this is because just like men say they don’t “get” us . . . they’re an even more difficult book to read for women. However, I’ve come to the conclusion that if we as women position ourselves to ask men the RIGHT questions, I think we’ll get better results. Ladies we’re approaching our romantic relationships with the wrong MENtality. Today I’m going to ask a very simple question and it’s for the MEN to answer. Most of the men that are on this email list are in significant relationships (married, dating, or you have a woman in your life that’s worth your time) so I look forward to some honesty be it concerning the woman in your life now or the woman you want to be in your life. Now let me go back to the ladies really quickly. I’m asking this question today, but I need for you all to ask it of the men in your lives. The question is so simple but you’d be surprised by the response we’re going to get. Now I can give you a list of questions that we love to ask as women – What type of woman turns you on? What type of woman turns you off? How do you feel about me? Do you love me? Now that last one is a very important one nonetheless but today's question is far more important for you to get to that love question. Ready? Here is the question that every woman needs to ask a man and here is the question that I need all the men to answer HONESTLY . . . What type of woman do you RESPECT? Now we’re going to have the men answer today and we’ll apply those answers to the rest of the week’s activities. Trust me this is going to be good. So, again, to the fellas . . . . What type of woman do you RESPECT?

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Big Jerz said...

I respect the kind of woman that respects herself. I respect the kind of woman that can be a doctor, counselor, fighter and a lover all in the span of a single conversation. I respect the kind of woman that knows the power of her Sexuality and has figured out the delicate balance between Sexy and Slutty. I respect the kind of woman that sticks to her convictions and means what she says. I respect the kind of woman that can stand up strong against MY WONDERFUL SKILLS of PERSUASON ! LOL !!! I respect a woman who Loves God and Loves her Worship relationship with Him...it shows her ability to be consistent and vulnerable. I Respect a Woman that can love me out of my "DRY BONES SEASON" that every man goes through every now and again. I respect the Agnes, Monique, Catherine, JoAnn, Racquelle, Kelleigh, LaNiece, Anitra, Ashley, Chloe, Jessie, Maya, Chlotilde kind of Woman...In other words the kind of woman that at some point in her life invested herself into a Man that they knew GOD's hand was on even when he wasn't acting like GOD 's Hand was on him. I respect a Woman that knows her place and knows how to make a man feel needed. I Respect a Woman who can Drive the car from the backseat but never make me feel like I'm not in the Driver Seat ! LOL !!! I Respect a Super Bad Broad that has 3 Babies, works 24 hours a day, denies herself to care for others, wakes a nigga up at 4 AM when she gets that FEELING, unafraid to check me when I'm trippin...SHIT Mona Baby I love you ! Oh...SOrry...Ummm I guess that's it My Nigs and Niggettes (Including Ashley's racist Co-Worker...You a Nigga Too...NIGGA ! LOL ) These are just my thoughts...Yolla BUCK